Monday, February 23, 2009


1. I see no reason why TriMet is bothering with hybrid vehicles,
since apparently hybrid buses (popular with EVERY major transit agency
EXCEPT TriMet) aren't worth their cost. So that's $5,000 per vehicle
wasted (for the Escape). It is not as though TriMet can claim a tax
credit for the purchase, either (as it's already tax exempt).

2. I see no reason why TriMet is buying other than very, very basic
transportation, IF new vehicles HAD to be purchased. Most other
transit agencies use minivans (so that they can be used to shuttle
passengers in an emergency!) TriMet seems to need to have these big
gas guzzling all-wheel drive vehicles...not sure why. If a bus can't
get over the road, a Supervisor doesn't need to either. And since
last winter, TriMet just shut everything down...another reason that
all wheel drive supervisor vehicles are unnecessary.

Here's my recommended supervisor vehicles (all proudly made in the
United States):
(or )

I would have recommended the Ford Fusion, but it is made in Mexico.

Purchasing SUVs is hypocritical at best, and buying them while cutting
back on revenue services...

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