Sunday, April 18, 2010


Actually, that's not a bad idea, and in fact TriMet (along with SMART and Cherriots) could go a step further:

1. Create a Portland-Salem express bus, likely by using RAZ Transportation or another company that has intercity (Greyhound like) buses. This new bus route would take the place of the current 1X and 2X Smart/Cherriots buses AND TriMet's 96, and provide service from Salem to Wilsonville, as well as Tualatin (the Park & Ride, not the WES station) and Barbur Boulevard TC and the Portland Transit Mall.) In addition, Woodburn would also participate and get a stop.

(This route would be contracted out for several reasons: 1. It crosses through three different transit agency jurisdictions. 2. WES is contracted out. 3. None of the agencies have a suitable vehicle for the route.)

2. TriMet would then institute a 76E route during rush hours from Tualatin to Beaverton. The 76E would only stop at Beaverton TC, Nimbus, Washington Square, Tigard TC, Tualatin P&R, Tualatin City Hall and Meridian Park Hospital. (This bus would essentially replace the 96, along with a new local Tualatin route that would provide local, all-day service from the Tualatin P&R along Boones Ferry Road, and another route that would provide west-east service between Tualatin and Sherwood.)

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  1. 1) There already is a bus (run privately by Raz) that goes from Barbur TC directly to Salem.

    2) SMART doesn't care about getting people from Portland to Salem. They care only about getting people to/from Wilsonville. What do they have to gain by participating in this plan?

    3) 2X takes me directly to my place of employment in WV. Will this bus do the same?

    4) Not many people take the 96 to WV anymore. SMART is so focused on connecting with the WES (even on runs from Portland!), that I don't think there are many good connections once you get to WV. They were bad before, but now I suspect they're terrible. The 96 was never a popular choice at Commerce Circle anyway; most people I know would take the 2X to Tualatin P&R and transfer to the 96 there.